A Guide on How to Properly Preserve Wedding Flowers

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You probably gave a lot of thought and consideration to the flowers you chose for your wedding, whether it was to match a certain color scheme or to serve as a bold focal point. Regardless, it’s only instinctual that you’d want to keep your wedding flowers looking as beautiful as the day they were delivered.
When you’re done with your wedding bouquet, have a trusted assistant store it somewhere cool and soak the stems in sugar water to preserve them. In the days to come, you’ll have a wider variety of methods at your disposal for keeping your flowers fresh.
Put Some Pressure on Your Wedding Bouquet
Your wedding bouquet can be preserved in a novel method by placing the flowers between two sheets of wax paper within the sheets of a thick book and then placing other books on top to further compress the arrangement. Carefully considering your bridal party flowers price, don’t touch the blooms for between seven and ten days so they can dry out. Use them how you choose once they have dried flat and been flattened.
Cold-Store in Wax
Waxing your wedding flowers is another option for keeping them fresh after the big day. Paraffin wax can be used to preserve a bouquet, but it must be melted in a pot of hot water first. Reduce the heat to low once the liquid has reached a uniform consistency. When you’re ready, dip your most beautiful and vivid blooms carefully into the solution. Quickly yank them back out and suspend them inverted to dry. Your blossoms will still look as beautiful and be in pristine condition as they were in that eye-catching Wedding Reception florals wall.
Making Resin for Storage
One simple and easy method to keep your wedding flowers in memory is to have them preserved in a gorgeous resin paperweight. Getting the desired result is as simple as purchasing a mold of the desired shape and size and filling it up to the half-way mark with epoxy resin. The next step is to place your flowers in the liquid, add more resin, and let them dry. Just like that, the solution is clear. After the mold is removed, you’ll have a beautiful and useful keepsake to remember your wedding with.
Air-Dry the Wedding Floral
Having your bridal flowers air-dry over the course of seven to fourteen days after being hung upside down in a dry place is a simple but effective method for preserving them. Now that they’re dry, there are a variety of ways to appreciate them. A simple vase arrangement is one option, but if you’re feeling more ambitious, try your hand at making a wreath out of the flowers instead.

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