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Shilpa Kumari asked 5 months ago

Are you seeking less-invasive, permanent hair restoration? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique wherein individual follicular units are extracted from the back or side of the head using a micro punch tool and artistically restored into the holes created in the targeted area with baldness or hair thinning, to restore natural hair growth. Dr. Urvashi Chandra is a renowned Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Delhi practising at Chandra Hair Clinic who provides her patients with the most advanced and latest FUE and Bio-IPT hair transplant technique. Thanks to these unique hair transplantation approaches, the patients feel highly satisfied because of no visible linear scars and hair regrowth rates of up to 90%. To get the benefits of hair restoration treatment, book a visit now at Chandra Hair Clinic.

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