Can not deactivate Cherry Plugin in order to update WordPress #scared

Chris S asked 1 year ago

I am actually running Cherry Plugin Version and Cherry Parallax Plugin Version 1.0.0 which came with a template.  I need to update to the latest WordPress.  As “good practice”, I deactivate all plugins before the update (and backup).  I can deactivate Cherry Parallax and all other plugins.  However, when I try to deactivate the Cherry Plugin, the screen flashes, it does not deactivate and I don’t get any error messages.  I was given the advice “just go ahead and to do the upgrade anyway”.  For me, since this is a live site, that’s like flipping a coin (I’ve been on the bum side of failed updates, not pretty!).
I also thought about manually backing up the Cherry Plugin directory and desintalling, then reinstalling.  However, I’m afraid I don’t know enough about your plugin to know if I would hose myself that way as well…..
Any advice would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!  I thank you in advance!!!!

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Dmitry Chekhovskyi Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello, Chris S
Please, in wp-content/themes/your-theme/includes/register-plugins.php file a params force_activation, force_deactivation set are false – like this
After this, you can deactivate Cherry Plugin successfully.

Chris S answered 1 year ago

Update :  Did the fix provided by Dmitry, worked like a charm! In my case, force_activation was set to true while force_deactivation was set to false.  Set both to false.   One word of advice:  After setting both params to false, exit WordPress and get back in before trying to deactivate.  Then you should be golden! Thank you Dmitry for your assistance.  You were spot-on.   Chris

Eliska answered 11 months ago

Hi! I have the same problem – I would like to switch to multisite and therefore need to deactivate Cherry Plugin. Both params are set false, but I still cant deactivate Cherry Plugin in order to start with multisite.
Thank you!

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