Cannot deactivate Cherry Plugin in order to create multisite

Eliska asked 1 year ago

Hello, I am actually running Cherry Plugin Version and Cherry Parallax Plugin Version 1.0.0 which came with a template.  I I am able to deactivate Cherry Parallax, but not the Cherry Plugin. I tried to change the plugin name in FileZilla and also tried to set wp-content/themes/your-theme/includes/register-plugins.php file a params force_activationforce_deactivation to false. Bt nothing worked. Do you have any other idea?
Thank you!

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Art answered 1 year ago

You have to delete it from FTP by going into wp-content -> plugins and delete it there, most of their plugins do not delete or deactivate from the WP control panel. 

Peter Mantos answered 1 year ago

Cherry Lazy Load Boxes Plugin version 1.0 and Cherry Plugin Version will not deactivate. Pressing deactivate has no effect. Delete it from FTP?  That\’s a \”solution\”? Why not fix the deactivate feature, which is supposed to work and which does work for nearly every other plugin? The fact that it doesn’t work does not speak well for the quality of the plugin which humorously states “Cherry team has already created a Cherry framework that can be reasonably called perfect”

Peter Mantos answered 1 year ago

Worse, deleting the Cherry Plugin from the folder does not work.  For some reason, it reinstalls the plugin preventing multisite installation!  You have to deactivate any themes that use cherry in order to keep the deleted plugin from reinstalling itself. 

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