Cherry Plugin chrashed website

Iris Fletcher asked 10 months ago

Hey guys,
i’m writing you here for one of our customers.
From one day to the other the website was crashed. The only sites you could see were “Home” and “Kontakt”. Everything else did show an 500 internal error.
The only thing i could do was deactivate all the plugins with FTP, just to come into the backend.
After activating the cherry plugin the website crashed again.
Whats wrong with the plugin or the website?
Would be great to hear from you.

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Martin answered 9 months ago

Hello!  Have same problem, the Cherry plugin dont work with the new PHP standard, 7.1 and 7.2.  What should we do? Need help!! 

Andreas answered 7 months ago

Hi, I have experienced the same problem. Cherry Plugin crashes my site. What\’s going on?

Danica answered 7 months ago

This plug-in is crashing my site every time I go to activate it. The website was migrated to me so I know nothing about it but there is exposed code showing when I deactivate the plugin.    What can I do to get this plugin working? 

Moritz answered 7 months ago

No Answers of the developers ???????????
PHP 5.6 is no more supported webwide….are you discontinuing the support of the Cherry Plugin ?

Moritz answered 7 months ago

And….this thread is NOT ANSWERED ! (like shown in the search results/topics)

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