Christoph asked 7 months ago

Dear Cherry-Team, I just tried to move my site to PHP 7.3 and realized that my projects that I created were not loading anymore (just loading circle blinking). Even the settings of the Projects-Plugin in the wordpress admin did not work anymore: Once you click save the bubble flashing when the request is processed does not go away. I moved back to PHP 7.2 and all is fine. Would be great if you can fix that in the long term. Best regards, Christoph

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Christoph answered 7 months ago

Just realized, the error is not due to the PHP version. I guess it must be related to the most recent wordpress update. I ran debug and got the following:   [03-Feb-2019 17:37:26 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function add_action(), 1 passed in /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/includes/class-ttw-ajax-handlers.php on line 54 and at least 2 expected in /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-includes/plugin.php:398Stack trace:#0 /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/^^/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/includes/class-ttw-ajax-handlers.php(54): add_action(\’init\’)#1 /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/includes/class-ttw-ajax-handlers.php(391): TTW_Ajax_Handlers->__construct()#2 /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/includes/class-ttw-ajax-handlers.php(405): TTW_Ajax_Handlers::get_instance()#3 /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/includes/class-ttw-ajax-handlers.php(408): ttw_ajax_handlers()#4 /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-content/plugins/cherry-theme-wizard/cherry-theme-wizar in /homepages/28/d123213213/htdocs/mySite18/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 398

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