Wael asked 8 months ago

I have different cherry services pages that are grouped by different categories such as category 1, 2, 3, 4. The sidebar menu using the single service area shortcode is showing by default the menu navigation for the first in order. But i need the navigation menu of the sidebar to filter the results based on the specific page category to show only its related services and not all. the shortcode is as follows: [cherry_services columns=\”1\” columns_laptop=\”1\” columns_tablet=\”1\” columns_phone=\”1\”posts_per_page=\”-1\” excerpt_length=\”0\” more=\”false\” more_text=\”More\” more_url=\”#\” ajax_more=\”true\” pagination=\”false\” show_title=\”true\” show_media=\”true\” show_content=\”false\” show_filters=\”false\” image_size=\”thumbnail\” template=\”sidebar-media-icon\” use_space=\”true\” use_rows_space=\”true\”]   for example is i have within category 1 the following services: registration, setup, process, and for category 2 i have the following services: corporate setup, government agency process and exit. so if i am in the service page or registration, the left sidebar widget should only show me the menu for registration, setup and process pages and not all of them including category 2. Thanks in advance for your help    

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