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Product Description
PVC stretch ceiling film is waterproof stretch ceiling film. Water and a microfiber cloth is enough to clean VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings from any type of dirt, however it got there. are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. Our stretch ceilings can contain a 100 l of water per square meter in case your pipes or roof starts leaking, which means your property will not be damaged at all. And it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic which is why they are the ultimate choice for clean-rooms, hospitals,and nurseries.
Technical Information
Chemical Composition:65%PVC ,25% plasticizer, 10%Other additives
Packing50m Rolls Foil rolled face to face
Color:Selections on the color charts
Our advantage
The stretch ceiling can be used in interior ceiling, wall coating decoration material, trade show tent and advertising light box display.
It often used in the living room, bedroom, meeting room, hall of night club, bar, hotel, hospital, ktv, airport, shopping mall, restaurant, pool, cinema, theater, swimming pool, galleries, museums.
Decoration effect displayChina Stretch Ceiling

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