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Aidan asked 3 years ago

Hi Guys,
I am using Cherry framework 4 with theme 58408 to build out this site –
I have tailored the services section to use three sub-categories within the portfolio entries

  • Kitchen –
  • Domestic
  • Commercial

There are three sub-pages for each of these categories (e.g.
So I would like to show the “kitchens” portfolio items by default when you visit the kitchens page however at the moment it is showing all portfolio items and you have to use the sub-navigation on the page to only view the kitchen entries.
The current kitchens page is using this cherry_portfolio code
[cherry_portfolio listing_layout=”justified-layout” filter_visible=”no” order_filter_visible=”yes” posts_per_page=”9″ grid_col=”3″ item_margin=”30″ template=”portfolio_justified.tmpl”] How do I tailor this code to default the sub navigation to the kitchens selection? Or if I can’t default the sub-navigation, can I remove the sub-nav and just have the “kitchens” page to only show the portfolio items linked to the kitchens category.
I have looked at this guide but couldn’t see how to make it work the way I need.

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Stepan Kovalevic Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, Aidan

There is an attribute single_term in shortcode that you used.
Please define a category slug. In this case this is – single_term=”kitchens” and filter_visible=”false”.

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