ERROR Cherry Paralax Images ISSUES

Martini asked 1 year ago

Hi guys,
I moved my website from the test folder to the ROOT on my host.
ALL website is working fine, BUT 03 images still with old HTML address and not appears on HOME PAGE.
Im trying to looking for the .CSS file or .PHP file this command line to modify but not found it. 🙁
The wrong url is:
<div class=”parallax-bg” data-parallax-type=”image” data-img-url=”” data-speed=”normal” data-invert=”false”></div>

The correct url NEED TO BE:
<div class=”parallax-bg” data-parallax-type=”image” data-img-url=”; data-speed=”normal” data-invert=”false”></div>

The folder /TEST not exist anymore. And the Cherry not updated to link the images again.
How can I modify this line or update?
Thanks for any help.

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SWANIE answered 1 year ago

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried deleting and rewriting the shortcode on the page and saving again, but that didn’t do it. Please let us know how to fix. Thanks.

Martini answered 1 year ago

I already did:- Deleted the CACHE folder;- Reinstalled the plugin;- Saved again the Main Home Page (inside the wp-admin) where the plugin was applied. I don\’t know how to fix it.My website can be checked on http://www.josephinoshomes.comBelow the main PHOTO, you will see 3 LAZYS\’s BOXE\’s. Behind of each box, need to show an image.Anybody help me please!THANK YOU.

SWANIE answered 1 year ago

OK. I wasn’t able to find a way to update the Cherry Parallax plugin database, but I found a different, manual permanent fix … so, everywhere I place the parallax shortcode …

  1. Save the background image file as a new/different file name … e.g., I changed “bkgd-image1.jpg” to “background-image1.jpg”
  2. Upload the new image to Media … it’s the same image, but it now gets a new URL in WordPress with the correct permalink, not the dev permalink
  3. Replace the ‘File Name’ in cherry parallax shortcode … e.g., “bkgd-image1.jpg” to “background-image1.jpg”
  4. Repeat every where you have cherry parallax shortcode

This got everything to work again. Took a while to manually change, but it works.

SWANIE answered 1 year ago

Let me add … if this is always the case when developing dev sites, then this is a significant flaw in the Cherry Parallax plugin. I\’m already not a super big fan of Cherry Framework … you can do some elaborate stuff with Cherry, no doubt … but it comes at the cost of complexity and (in my opinion) too many technical nuances and inefficiencies.

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