I cannot edit Cherry Teams with Elementor plugin while using BeClinic Wordpress theme

Kate Risdon asked 4 months ago

Hi There, 
I am trying to edit Cherry Teams in Elementor while using the BeClinic WordPress theme. I receive ‘Internal Server Error 500’ error message. Elementor works fine with all the other plugins in my website. 
When I first load the wordpress website I also see the following error message in the wordpress dashboard
Deprecated: Function create_function()is deprecated in /var/www/wp-content/themes/beclinic/cherry-framework/setup.php on line 14
Can you please help or advise? 
I have contacted my hosting GoDaddy, who have advised they’ve checked the php logs and cannot see any errors server side. 
I have tried switching all the other plugins off to see what is the problem but the problem only happens in Cherry Teams and if I switch that plugin off, I am unable to recreate the error or see if it has been fixed. 
I have tried changing the permalinks to plain 
I have tried switching between themes to ensure that it’s not the Theme file that are corrupt. I cannot solve the issue.
Can you please help or advise? 

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