In Portfolio I want to be able to click (or mouse-over) an image and have a enlarged image popup.

Paul Collins asked 1 year ago

I am using Cherry framework 4.7 (I think). I am using the “Portfolio” section to show various projects. I want to find a plugin that will allow a visitor to click on an image to get a larger view then hit <esc> to clear the screen.
My link is The first entry “Guest House” is the one I am working on. The entry to the right “Mail Box” I create a simple link. This requires a <back> click in the browser.
Is there a plugin that I can install? I am flexible on the exact behavior.
Thank you. 

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Maksim Tudoi Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Paul.
I think, you are using CherryFramework 3. About “simple link”, what do you mean? If you mean simple link -> external link, this option is available in the next version of framework and you need to install plugin – Cherry Projects.

Paul Collins answered 1 year ago

The simple link in the second example is just simple HTML but lacks a simple “close”. I will investigate how to upgrade my “Cherry Framework”.
Thank you for your help. 

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