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Jack asked 3 years ago

im running cherry framework 4
I wanted to know if I can update it to version 5
If so,
I just need to copy from version 5 folder inside to version 4 folder?
Do I have to delete version 4 then put version 5?
Is there a wizard like version 4?
Where can I download the version 5 ? I went to GitHub but don’t know if the folder im looking for is correct.
( <- this is the correct link?

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Maksim Tudoi Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jack!

Cherryframework 4 is not possible to safe-update to Cherry5, there is no backward compatibility. All that you can do it is custom migration.
Wizard for Cherry 5 is on the development stage, we will inform about it later.

The version 5 –
Maybe, if your site has created on Cherry4 it would be better to stay on this framework version.

Diego answered 1 year ago

Hallo. any news about the possibility to upgrade from a cherry 4 to cherry 5?I have an old unsupported template based on cherry 4 and i need to do something… upgrade to 5 plus new theme template, find a supported version 4 template and pray it will be useful for a while….What is your recommendation? Thanks 

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