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Tracy Paul asked 6 years ago

Why is Cherry overriding the current Jquery in WordPress and substituting it with an older version? I have a plugin that will work with wordpress but because I’m using a Cherry theme, cherry overrides the current jquery with an older version and now the plugin is broken. This really sucks!┬áIt seems to me this will happen with a lot of plugins, making Cherry less appropriate to use going forward. Any idea when you will update this?

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Maksim Tudoi Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Tracy! Are you sure that you are using Cherry5, maybe it is Cherry3?

Marco Valli answered 5 years ago

Hi there,
same problem here. CherryFramework 3.1 (packaged with a theme I’ve bought) causes a relevant plugin not to work due to jquery version issues. I’ve discovered this is the cause in other support forums, but not yet a suitable fix.
Any suggestion here?
Happy New Year, by the way!

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