Portfolio items no displaying on PROD site, not was changed

Chris Alp asked 3 years ago

I have a DEV and PROD site running Cherry framework, the Portfolio was displaying on both and then all of a sudden the Porfolio stopped working on PROD. All the items are there and the settings are all the same. Why would that stop working? There are no errors in console and not code was changed.
DEV: http://dev.yesiamgraphics.com/portfolio/
PROD: http://www.yesiamgraphics.com/portfolio/
I have updated the plugins as well on both, still PROD is not displaying, is there a clear cache on the theme or something else I need to do.

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Chris Alp answered 3 years ago

I figured it out, I had to assign the template to the Portfolio page, not sure how it got unset.

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