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Today, thermal power (including coal, natural gas, oil) , nuclear power and hydropower are also known as the three pillars of the world’s power supply.However, thermal power will inevitably cause damage to the atmosphere and the environment. So how to solve this problem is a very important proposition.
There are 6 kinds of pollutants in thermal power plants, which are solid, liquid and gas, and noise. Dust particles mainly include dust and dust. It is mainly dust particles emitted from coal-fired power plants. Dust particles not only pollute the environment, but also combine with harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Among them, especially 10 microns below the floating dust is more harmful to the human body. In general, the dust particles in coal fired power plants account for less than 10 microns, accounting for 20 to 40%.
The special characteristics of PTFE, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, are suitable for solving the above proposition. General type PTFE filter bag is suitable for solving the dust removal and filtration under special environment such as coal-fired power generation, garbage incineration, high equipment dust removal, high temperature air dust and so on.
General type PTFE filter bag features
Wide temperature range
Chemical resistance and excellent filtration efficiency (99.99%)
Excellent dust peel performance, paste bag phenomenon greatly reduced.
The opening rate is over 85%, the filtration speed is high, and the energy is saved.
The pore size distribution is uniform. In the range of 0.05~3um, ultrafine dust with particle size of 1um can be collected.PTFE Filter Series price

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