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Faintinggoatz asked 1 year ago

We have tried just about everything we can think of and we can not figure out what’s causing the issue. 
When I use the options section in the backend of wordpress to save a settings and click save it breaks the front end of the site. The CSS appears to not be loading (can provide a more details on which scripts). It appears to be all the stylesheets that make up the theme options that we are trying to load.
We are using CherryOne theme, framework version, and no other major settings. No child theme custom styles yet. All the styling has been done through the options tab so far.
I have talked to our host and they say it’s not the database, I’ve talked to several developers and they do not think it is our unique reverse proxy setup or anything like that. At this point, someone is missing something and its over my head now. Any help would be great.
Thank you 

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Justin answered 1 year ago

We are having the same issue. I have a ticket in with Template Monster.  We really need help because my clients site is inoperable. 

Justin answered 1 year ago

In our situation, we developed the site in a sub folder /newsite/ and then when we were ready to go live, we pointed the WP traffic to that folder. So in the admin we changed the site URL to and in the Word Press URL we left as  However, now, anytime we do anything in the Cherry Framework panel and click save, the site just crashes. The style of the site is all messed up. The only way to fix this so far is a complete site restore. Someone…Anyone, please help as our site is down. Thanks again .

Faintinggoatz answered 1 year ago

 This is eerily similar to my problem. Thanks for expanding to include that part… Hoping for an answer soon!

Faintinggoatz answered 1 year ago

Is there no answer??????????????????

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