update CherryFrameworkv3.1.5.1 for PHP 7

Davin asked 9 months ago

I need to upgrade my client’s site PHP version as some plugins are no longer supporting old versions of PHP.
We’re using framework 3.1.5 and plugin version
Have you all created an update or patch that I can apply for PHP 7?
I’m not a PHP dev. I’m more of a frontend guy.
I really need some expertise and direction.
I tried to submit this question on the ver 3 website and the contact form doesn’t submit.
Thanks in advance for you help.

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jeff answered 5 months ago

Any answer on this?

Martin answered 4 months ago

Anyone has get a solution so the sites work with 7.x???? 

Werner answered 4 months ago

Same Prob :/ First Post 5 Month ago and no Answer! 🙁 🙁

Werner answered 4 months ago

Ok Found Solution for me…
The Crash caused the File Plugins/cherry-plugin/includes/plugin-assets.php
Delete or Commend out the “// Exclude widget manager for customizer” Function Line 5 to 9.
For me the Site Works 🙂

Ryan answered 4 months ago

@Werner so you were able to successfully run on PHP 7 by deleting that comment?

Holger answered 4 weeks ago

@Werner: I just had the same problem when upgrading a few old WP-installation from php 5.x to 7.x  Your solution worked, thanks!

Heike answered 1 week ago

@Werner… Vielen Dank… dank deiner Lösung läuft mein Projekt  jetzt mit PHP 7.2… Danke!!! 🙂

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