update CherryFrameworkv3.1.5.1 to latest release of v4 or v5

John asked 1 year ago

I just started supporting a WordPress site that is using Cherry Framework.  This is my first time working with Cherry Framework, and I don’t want to accidentally ruin the site and have to restore a backup immediately trying to update to Cherry Framework v4 or v5 from v3.1.5.1.  Does anyone have experience successfully updating from v3.1.5.1 to v4 or v5?  Any tips?  The site is also using an out of date un modified child-theme designed about 4 years ago for Cherry Framework v3.1.5.1.  I figure I can handle fixing the child-theme if there are any issues with that, but not sure about how to fix any problems if the Cherry Framework doesn’t update well besides just restoring the old v3.1.5.1.
Any support would be much appreciated!

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Pal answered 1 year ago

Hi John
I have the same query as well. Looks like since no one has answered. The only way forward is to do a test on a development copy. 

John answered 1 year ago

Hi Pal,
Thanks for input.  Yep, that’s my plan.  Just gonna try on my own and see how it goes!  Hehe.  Hopefully runs well but if not, I can always restore backups.

Dmitry Chekhovskyi Staff answered 1 year ago
Davide answered 5 months ago

Your link leads to a comment which says \\\\\\\”you can\\\\\\\’t update from version 3 to 4 or from version 4 to 5\\\\\\\” so your post is not an answer.
From what I can see, during several years your Company went on selling a framework that make customers choose between re-building the website everytime there\\\\\\\’s a major release, or having malwares and viruses all the time. And you did not provide any specific documentation to clean this mess, and you don\\\\\\\’t even try to help the many customers you put in this situation. You probably knew that somebody else would have been forced to answer in your place.
Can your Staff provide any kind of real help to update your product you sold? It will never repay the damage you did to dozens of websites, but it could at least avoid other losses for those who chose to trust you. 

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