Anna asked 3 years ago

Hi!I\’m helping out a friend to build a website. He is using the Cherry theme and suddenly appeared the following lines on his home: Warning: Illegal string offset \’width\’ in /home/u309666490/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cherry-media-parallax/cherry-media-parallax.php on line 143Warning: Illegal string offset \’height\’ in /home/u309666490/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cherry-media-parallax/cherry-media-parallax.php on line 144 Do you know how I can remove the lines? Thank you very much!   Anna.

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Michal answered 2 years ago

Sorry for taking this one year old error on top – but don’t see any answers and I have same issue.
How to solve it ?

M. Figueiroa answered 7 months ago

Install and run the \”Regenerate Thumbnails\” plugin

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