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Space asked 10 months ago

Hi there,
Our Web hosting company wants us to update PHP from now 5.6.36 to 7.2. We use WP and the Cherry Theme (version 
WP V is 4.9.6. After running the PHP Compatibility Checker the report came back with one error which is in the Cherry plugin: 
627 | ERROR | Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity.
Could you please advise how this will impact our website if we update and how to fix it if the website will have problems?
Many thanks in advance,

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Pascal answered 7 months ago

Same problem here. Is there any solution yet?

Mary answered 7 months ago

Same question for me, as well.
Please answer!

Christiane answered 5 months ago

Same problem here. No answer?

Edze de Boer answered 5 months ago

Hi guys,
Same type of problem here:
[03-Jan-2019 16:25:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /home/schilderehv/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cherry-plugin/includes/widgets/widgets-manager.php on line 564
Anyone, please?
Kind regards,
Edze de Boer

shahzad answered 5 months ago

I have got the same problem, but seems still no solution is available 🙁 

shahzad answered 4 months ago

@Edze de Boer, if you replace \\\’continue\\\’ with \\\’return\\\’ then that error will be fixed but still to hear from the publisher

hashes answered 4 months ago

6 months and no answer from plugin support.. 

Lauren answered 4 months ago

This says it question was answered, but I don’t see a real answer here. I have the same issue. Only have one month to find a solution or we are changing themes or switching the site to our other hosting.

Johnny answered 4 months ago

so done with this theme!

Heike answered 2 months ago

I Found this:

update CherryFrameworkv3.1.5.1 for PHP 7

Look Werners solution… That solved my problem.

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