Where to download most recent framework update

Lauren Bareiss asked 7 months ago

I have an old site on Cherry 3.1.5 and I need to update, hopefully to something that is PHP 7.2 compatible

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Phil Taylor answered 7 months ago

I’m after the same thing – but seeings that the GitHub page seems to have been abandoned I’m not holding out any hope that the authors of this framework are very interested.  My hosting company is retiring support for PHP 5.6 in March so I think I’m going to have to change themes and all the work that goes along with that…

Lauren answered 7 months ago

Yeah after publishing this I found a post on here about the same topic from SIX months ago that still hasn’t been answered. I no longer expect to get an answer from the company. My hosting is also switching everyone over too if you don’t do it on your own. We have another hosting we could just move the site too if necessary, but since the theme isn’t updatable it’s a security risk anyway. . 

Phil Taylor answered 7 months ago

Hi Lauren, yeah, I agree – the whole framework is a security risk now so we’re going to migrate to a commercial, supported theme and framework which I will be ensuring have a published road-map for updates and upgrades.  Having been bitten once here I’m not going to get bitten again!
Good luck with your endeavours!  
P.S. Interesting that someone has marked your original question as “Solved” on this place – it seems that abandoning your users counts as solving the problem here…

IanZ answered 5 months ago

Good luck with your endeavour! netgear

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