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2016 Website Design Trends – Complete Edition

Web designers and developers will never get tired of tracking the latest trends as keeping up the pace is vital for their work. Want your business vessel to stay afloat for ages? Be aware of the slightest fluctuations in your niche. This will help you...
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Top WP Plugins Used by 15 A-List Blogs

Would you like to know which top WP plugins do the first-rate blogs use? Maybe they have their own secrets that help them outstrip the competitors? Don’t guess, MonsterPost will be glad to let you into technical details you are interested in. You can find a...
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Cherry Framework Update. Version 3.1.3

New release of Cherry Framework available. Performed some plugin and framework fixes and updates. Changelog available below:

Framework Updates

* Add: Added rtl-language support * Upd: Updated audio/video library - jplayer * Add: Added new options: order & orderby for slider posts * Add: Added new options: order & orderby for...
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