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It is important to judge the selection of your friends

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    Anyone else seen anything like this? While I am not quick to OSRS Items think that it is caused by an issue

    with the logout however, this is something I cannot imagine. I guess another solution to this

    issue is to do the thing that players normally do regain a sigil that they have accidentally

    dropped. Are you able to offer any thoughts or suggestions?

    So, my friend and his friend have invited me to GWD. We’ll be playing Bandos. I will also be

    killing hobgoblins on my kc. The problem is that I only killed the Zamorak General but not the

    Bandos General.

    I’m not sure of what I should wear, what I should have in my inventory, and which tactics I should

    be using. A level 138 is dealing with melee attacks. (Summoning cape) My gr cheese (RSN for those

    who want to check stats) will be causing damage.

    There are a few options. Godsword: If you own it, it’s amazing, it protects and doesn’t have to be

    concerned if it is lost. Whip and obby shield/rune defense in other cases. Full veracs are

    available if desired, but I believe whips are superior and less expensive than full veracs, even

    when your body has gone.

    It is important to judge the selection of your friends. While you can bring a full set of

    restores/beers but it’s not worth the effort if they bring the majority of shark. You should bring

    eight restores, eight brews and a zammy for Buy OSRS Fire Cape KC. The rest sharks and better are acceptable. If you

    have lots of brews to trade, you can exchange food items for brews.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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