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Please help me fix my WhatsApp notifications

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    I’m appealing for help to fix the notifications on my Redmi 9 – I’ve had this phone a while now and I don’t know if this is a known problem with Redmi 9/WhatsApp or if there is a setting somewhere that I need to activate/deactivate.

    The problem is that I set up notifications for WA, including those for Chat, Groups and Calls. Initially, all 3 of these will work, but perhaps within an hour, sometimes only after several hours, and sometimes after a day or two, these notifications will fail and I will have to re-assign the notification or call tone before they work again. On a few occasions, I have been having a WA chat with a contact, over a period of hours. Initially, notifications will work as expected but after a few to-and-fro messages, the notifications will stop. Nothing else has happened on the phone in this period even though also tried this FM WhatsApp Apk

    WA settings currently:
    Autostart – On
    App permissions – No permissions denied
    Other permissions – Allowed all 6 permissions
    Notifications – Everything is enabled for Group , Message and Call notifications
    Restrict data usage – Both wifi and mobile data are allowed
    Battery saver – No restrictions

    The phone is on:

    MIUI Global 12.5.4 Stable
    Android version 11 RPIA.200720.11

    I have tried everything I can find or think of, including clearing WA cache, rebooting/restarting the device, changing ringtones/notifications etc. Things work for a while then randomly stop.

    I have also tried setting Custom notifications, per Contact or Group from WA itself.

    Is this fixable or is it a quirk of WA/Redmi Do I need to root the phone to make it work properly?

    Any help or suggestions welcomed, this is doing my head in.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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