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Cherry Framework 3.0 & Plugin Release

Since version 3.0 cherry team decided to move all functionality outside a theme. Now all functionality will be located in cherry plugin. Theme will serve only as a color skin.

In version 3.0 we moved all widgets and shortcodes to plugin. This plugin will be installed and activated automatically on framework update. More features will be added in future.

There can be issues if you have write restrictions for the 'wp-content' directory.

So if you have issues installing plugin you can install it manually downloading it on GitHub.

You can learn more about Cherry plugin in the post "MEET THE CHERRY PLUGIN: BARE FUNCTIONALITIES NO STRINGS ATTACHED"

12 Responses

  1. Claudia

    I’m using this framework for one of my websites but now when I add a gallery, the images don’t show up and the link is no where to be seen, so I can’t find my gallery. What happened?

  2. Christopher Pinto

    My Website homepage is ruined. please advise

  3. Natalia

    Christopher Pinto. I had the same problem. But after I had installed plugin GitHub my home page was reestablished.

    • Christopher Pinto

      Hi Natalia, Did you mean the Cherry Plugin?

      It solved alot of alignment problem. however there is this issue with this [frame align="none"].

      If you visit you can see that it has the white background for that frame

      • Alexey Svistunov

        Hi Christopher,
        I checked your website and it seems to be working fine. Please let us know if the issue still exists.

  4. Cathy Montague

    2 weeks ago I bought one of Cherry Themes from Template Monster, they installed it. Seems like they used Cherry version 2.3 – can I use new plugin with the version I have? Every time I customize css in main style.css it reverts if I update Cherry options.. there should be only one css where styles can easily be updated and stay updated. Please let me know any solution to this.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      You need to edit child theme files. Theme that use CherryFramework to get settings but that can be modified without losing modifications in CherryFramework updates.

  5. Alaa

    I updated to the new theme and it ruined my website. I have to submit it tomorrow and Y
    Your urgent reply is needed.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Hi Alaa,

      Please send your website details to [email protected]. Our team will do everything possible to resolve your issue.

  6. Leo

    Hello, I’m using Cherry framework for the creation of a website, I have a little problem, how can I removein the fixed layout, margins left and right of the slide on the home page?
    I hope you help me
    many thanks

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please contact our support team at [email protected]. They will check your theme and provide with further assistance.

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