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Why do we need paintings in the interior?

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    Hello forum members. As I know that people decorated their own homes back in ancient times. Naturally, then the decor was much less, but their presence has already pleased. Now the walls of the animals do not draw, but the paintings in the kitchen, living room and bedroom people hang with pleasure. But why?



    Art is a thing that instantly absorbs all changes in society. And it is not surprising that it is constantly changing, particularly as it is influenced by religion. But after artists had to remember that certain religious canons existed, they also remembered such a thing as light and shade. Now it is very relevant such art as turquoise wall decor, which I have just recently purchased and plan to hang.



    When the politics of the world became conquering, paintings began to reflect this, they began to intertwine the diverse traditions of many countries. In those days people sought to decorate the facades of houses with paintings, they hung brightly colored signs on them. In buildings, paintings were used to enlarge the space.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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