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Cherry Framework Update. Version 3.1.5

New release of Cherry Framework available for download. It's version 3.1.5 Below you can see list of Cherry Framework and Cherry Plugin updates and fixes.

Framework Updates

  • ADD: Live Chat in a dashboard
  • ADD: Cookie banner options
  • ADD: Filters in the post content
  • FIX: Security bug
  • FIX: Bug with duplication images in a slider lightbox
  • FIX: Check for WMPL-plugin extension
  • FIX: Bug with a social networks custom fields in a Our Team posts after the import sample data
  • FIX: Bug with thumbs in slider
  • FIX: Query variable in a FAQ and Testimonials pages
  • FIX: JS-error on Portfolio page
  • FIX: Stick menu script
  • UPD: cherry plugin to version 1.2.6
  • UPD: motopress-content-editor plugin to version 1.5.8
  • UPD: Localization files
  • UPD: Conditional comments for older IE (if lt IE 9)
  • UPD: Class description_walker
  • UPD: Replace using function for trims text
  • DEL: Init for owl-carousel script
  • DEL: # - symbol from comments

Plugin Updates (v1.2.2)

  • ADD: Pinterest and Twitter widgets
  • ADD: icon_link attribute to the service_box shortcode
  • FIX: Plugin security bug
  • FIX: Usage of wp-content in code
  • FIX: Check and validation for amount parametr in flickr widget
  • FIX: roundabout shortcode in home page
  • FIX: a limit parametr for twitter widget
  • FIX: Added a check for empty post array in carousel_owl and posts_grid shortcodes
  • FIX: widget visibility
  • FIX: Save menu badges meta data if is WooCommerce template
  • UPD: Width for pseudo-elements in content_box shortcode CSS
  • UPD: Centering of navigation icons in Post Cycle widget
  • UPD: Changed a priority for wp_enqueue_scripts
  • UPD: Added a wc-logs directory to the exclude folder for export
  • UPD: Visibility items in carousel_owl shortcode
  • UPD: Language files

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