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Duena Free WordPress Theme Preview Live Demo

Duena Bootstrap template possesses all design and functional features any personal blog can dream of. Most of web developers are well acquainted with extreme Bootstrap flexibility, simplicity of use and multiple opportunities for customization. Needless to say that website built on this framework will be perfectly rendered on all popular portable devices regardless of their screen resolutions.

As to the theme design peculiarities, we can't help mentioning its background. Blurred hexahedrons and smooth gradient create the optical illusion of design blocks floating in the air. The negative space behind opalesces with all rainbow colors in its turn.

Simple main drop down menu is boosted by search form and link lists accommodated in the right sidebar. Design sections for blog posts in the content area are waiting to be filled with your versatile information. Due to 'Back to top' button availability in the right bottom corner of the page, your visitors won't need to scroll all the way back after reading content on the page.

If positive, cheerful character of this Bootstrap template appeals to your personality and coincides with your future blog concept, you are welcome to download it and finish the process of creation started by the Duena Studio team.




- Fix: styles for taxonomy description
- Fix: init for lightboxes in gallery post format
- Fix: word-breaks for paragraphs
- Fix: slider's caption position when using sliding effect
- Fix: pasting tags for lightbox hover overlay
- Tweak: add option for choosing category for portfolio page template
- Tweak: add option for changing "Read more" button text on blog page

- Fix: fixed minor admin CSS issues for WordPress 3.8
- Fix: theme screen updated for new WordPress 3.8 themes preview
- Fix: remove slider initialization for gallery post type if post have no attached images
- Tweak: Bootstrap updated to version 3.0
- Tweak: FontAwesome updated to version 4.0.3
- Tweak: paging navigation function changed to new, based on Twenty Fourteen theme pagination
- Tweak: Full-width page template now can display featured image, if attached
- Tweak: Add filter 'the_excerpt' to themes custom generated excerpts
- Feature: new theme option - Primary color (Appearance->Theme Options->Color Scheme)
- Feature: new theme option - Secondary color (Appearance->Theme Options->Color Scheme)
- Feature: new theme option - Default list bullet (Appearance->Theme Options->Color Scheme)
- Feature: added new options for managing portfolio pages
- Feature: upgrade option 'Which category to pull from?' - now You can easily select category to pull slides from
- Feature: upgrade portfolio page template - now you can select category to put portfolio posts from and columns number

34 Responses

  1. atamas

    Feature Request: Add Pagination to the Portfolio page. It is great to be able to specify the number of items to show in the Portfolio but it would be fantastic if we could specify a page size and have the navigation option to see more (i.e. the next page)

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Thank you Atamas for your suggestion. We’ll consider adding it to future update.

  2. Avinash Tiwary

    Hi ,

    I have updated the theme from 1.1 to 2.0 which made my sidebar go down all the posts and they are no more at the right side pf the page. Please help me correcting it, i am even not able to go back to the same version


    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please send your website access details to [email protected] Our support team will provide you with further assistance.

      • Avinash

        Thanks for your help, but i sorted out, it was some padding issues plus the braces checks in the code.

  3. Janne

    Hi Alexey, i love this theme, but i got a Little Problem. Submenus are not working. i tried it, and it is a themeproblem. bueno works. duena not.


    • Andrew

      Hi, Janne
      Duena theme accepts 2 nesting submenu levels. If you need more – please follow these instructions:
      1) Install Simple Custom CSS plugin (or any other plugin for adding custom CSS code)
      2) If you use Simple Custom CSS – navigate to Appearance > Custom CSS
      3) Paste next CSS code

      .navbar_inner > div > ul li li:hover ul,
      .navbar_inner > div > ul li li.sfHover ul,
      .navbar_inner > ul li li:hover ul,
      .navbar_inner > ul li li.sfHover ul {
      left: 101%;
      /* match ul width */
      top: -10px !important;

      4) Click “Update Custom CSS”

  4. Andressa

    Hello, I’m using Duena, but I don’t like posts are fractionated (read more), I prefer to appear always the full post. Is there any way to change it in this template?

  5. Janne

    Hmmm, very strage. It dosen’t work. There is a short Moment, during pageload, where it works. but then, something is loaded that will cause the Problem, and it dosent work. i turned off all plugins, but it doesent work. when i copy the howl sourcecode and paste it in a blank html-document an run it local – i works.

  6. Janne

    Hmmm, ok, if i delete in the footer it works. Any ideas?

  7. Jordi Llobet

    Is this version compatible with qtranslate on the Custom fields.
    I am block with your framework and the custom fields with qtranslate which makes impossible to edit my translations when the content is in a Custom Field.
    Also is Cherry framework using Advance Custom Fields?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Hi Jordi, unfortunately we can’t guarantee full compatibility of Cherry Framework with qTranslate plugin. For translations we recommend using WPML plugin. We also can’t guarantee full compatibility of Advance Custom Fields plugin with Cherry Framework.

  8. faysal

    Do you have any video tutorial in your awesome Bootstrap Theme. Please tell me yes and give the link . Thanks

  9. martin

    I have a problem starting the slide on my page. the settings are all enabled. Slide is not displayed. Can you help me? thank you

  10. Bhagyesh

    Hi ,

    I have installed Duena but my sidebar go down all the posts and they are no more at the right side of the page. Please help me correcting it, i have till not published it.I am using it for an E-Commerce Website.


  11. Faysal


    I try to used this theme and I found everything are really cool and awesome. But it”s really be helpful to watch video tutorials about this theme. Do you have? Can you give me the link?

  12. Tim

    When I look at the Summary of blog posts page ( I have a menu item All Blogs), I’d love to be able to have an image for every blog post summary. Ideally taken from the posts themselves.
    Is there a way to achieve this

    Love the Theme by the way
    Thank you!


    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please contact our support team at [email protected]. Theyโ€™ll check your website and provide further assistance.

  13. empi

    Hello Ariadna,

    first off: Thank you a lot for this beautiful theme! It is a perfect base and only needs some colors changed in order to suit the required design. The only thing I am REALLY having troubles with is to set colors for links. No matter what I change or try, the default link color is always set back to #FF5B5B although all (yes, also in php files) occurrences matching #FF5B5B have been replaced by a unique color but is still overriden.

    Looking forward to your reply & thank you in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • empi

      Hello Ariadna, its me again. It looks like I was just about blindly running around in the code where the setting is actually a dynamic one that can be set in Theme Options. Figured it out now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Gadgee

    Hello – a quick question.

    I have just taken over a site using your Duena theme and was wondering if there was an easy way to adjust the background and font colours on the drop down menu as I am not happy with the current settings.

  15. stella

    Hello Mate! You have showcased an awesome theme which one can use it for making any purpose websites. Well recently I have downloaded a theme from website called which has same textures like you have mentioned in the post. The best thing is that I have downloaded that WordPress theme without paying.

  16. kleber pereira

    I really love this theme but is there any way to change the “featured-thumbnail” (750px – 290px) to (750px -650px)??? I try to change in css but it don’t work…Is there any way to make this change?

  17. Jason

    I can’t seem to find a download link to this?

  18. Sjoews

    I was wondering if there will be any more updates for this theme?

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