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Cherry Framework Update. Version 3.1.3

New release of Cherry Framework available. Performed some plugin and framework fixes and updates.

Changelog available below:

Framework Updates

* Add: Added rtl-language support
* Upd: Updated audio/video library - jplayer
* Add: Added new options: order & orderby for slider posts
* Add: Added new options: order & orderby for portfolio posts and filter
* ADD: device.js
* Upd: replaced tmstickup.js
* Add: Added MotoPress Content Editor plugin as the following recommended plugin
* ADD: stickup option
* Fix: Fixed API_URL constant

Plugin Updates

* Add: Added rtl-language support
* Upd: Improved Cherry Recent Comments widget - get comment for posts, pages, attachments and porfolio custom post type
* Add: Added compatibility audio shortcode with MotoPress plugin
* UPD: get_the_date()
* ADD: content_box shortcode
* ADD: tag option to posts grid shortcode
* ADD: tag option to posts-list shortcode
* ADD: tag option to recent posts shortcode
* UPD: Cherry recent posts (the_date(); -> the_time('F j, Y');)
* UPD: widget banner
* ADD: item counter class
* Add: added custom-class option to row, span, shortcodes
* Fix: Fixed outputing notice
* Fix: Fixed outputing notice
* Add: Added define API_URL constant

7 Responses

  1. Max

    Excuse me guys, but what should I do if there’s no Short Codes button in my WYSIWYG editor? I’ve searched all the settings and Cherry related pages inside WP – nothing.

  2. cte2087

    I have updated my Cherry Framework 3.1.3 and now none of the custom CSS seems to be taking effect. I am working with a theme from Theme Forest (47996). I have tried to add the CSS to the theme 47996 style sheet, but it does not take effect either.
    I have resorted to adding the CSS to the “main-style” style sheet, but everytime I edit something else…it reverts back to the original.
    Can someone help me and tell me what I am doing wrong..or where I need to be placing the CSS?


    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please preform your changes in style.css or style.less files

  3. kostastd

    after update to 3.1.3, lost porfolio menu from admin panel.
    On front-end i can see portfolio normally but i have no access to edit portfolio.

  4. wpdil

    nice framework..

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