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Meet the Cherry Plugin: Bare Functionalities no Strings Attached

Cherry team made a huge step forward when rolled out the third version of its framework, but that’s not all, now it’s time for the Cherry plugin.

This is some sort of an extension for Cherry framework. Into the plugin there were included all widgets and shortcodes that you were using previously.

But why did they do it? The idea behind this development is that website theme should include only visuals, i.e. color, the look of content blocks, etc. And all the functionalities should be included into the plugin. Just like that.

Well, since we are talking about the Cherry plugin we need to mention the list of shortcodes  and widgets you’ll find ‘in the box’, check out the list:

  • Posts
    • posts grid
    • posts list
    • mini posts grid
    • mini posts list
    • recent posts
    • recent testimonials
  • Basic
    • banner
    • comments
    • post cycle
    • carousel (Elastislide)
    • carousel (OWL)
    • roundabout
    • service box
    • hero unit
    • categories
    • tags
  • Columns
    • row
    • row inner
    • span1-span12
  • fluid columns
    • row fluid
    • ½ - ⅚
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns
  • 4 columns
  • elements
    • label
    • text highlight
    • button
    • drop cap
    • blockquote
    • icon
    • frame
    • horizontal rule
    • small horizontal rule
    • vertical rule
    • spacer
    • progressbar
    • address
    • clear
    • extra wrap
  • lists (9 different lists)
  • misc
    • alert box
    • close icon
    • well
    • small
    • title
    • template URL
    • sitemap
  • video preview
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • table
  • google map
  • 125x125 Ads
  • Advanced Cycle
  • Facebook Like Box Widget
  • Flickr
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent posts
  • Social Networks
  • vCard

If there are any questions, you’re free to ask them in the comments below.

31 Responses

  1. Stéphane Richer

    Hi Ariadna,

    First of all, thanks for this framework.

    Second: I have installed v3.0 (automatic and manually), I see it in the Themes section but I couldn’t see any changes with previous v2.4 in the Cherry Options menu ???

    Third: Here are some improvements I suggest:
    You should put these items into the *.po file so, there could be a translation available:
    a – In the Cherry Option, Navigation Tab: Mobile menu label.
    b – In the Cherry Option, Blog Tab: Blog Title
    c – In the Cherry Option, Blog Tab: Related Posts Title
    d – In the Cherry Option, Blog Tab: Button text for blog posts.
    e – n the Cherry Option, Portfolio Tab: Button text for portfolio posts.



    • Alexey Svistunov

      Update from 2.4 to version 3.0 was a technical one. Since 3.0 Cherry Plugin and Cherry Framework are separate applications. At the moment Cherry Framework consists of three parts: framework, child theme and plugin. This allows to switch themes without any issues and if needed update separate parts of Cherry Framework. Plugin now contains shortcodes and widgets, and will contain more features in future.

      Thank you for recommendations, we’ll add them into next updates.

  2. Ryan

    As soon as I install the plugin, my site is unreachable. I must delete the plugin folder through FTP in order to get back in.

    Please advise.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Ryan, please send a specific description of your issue to [email protected] We’ll do our best to help you as soon as possible.

  3. Erroin

    Hello Adriana,

    I installed the update and now I am missing all my widgets and shortcodes. Which we used heavily in the layout of our site. Now I have the code showing up in my copy and my widgets are gone. How can I fix this?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Hi Erroin,

      Sorry for a delayed response. Please provide us with your website access and FTP details to [email protected] to let us check your issue.

  4. Ralf

    I have upgraded to v3 of your framework, but the moment I activate the new cherry plugin the Visual Editor stops working throughout WordPress. I need the Visual Editor view for a client though, any idea how to fix this issue? This is the console log when WordPress tries to load the Visual Editor:

    [16:15:59.867] GET [HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 223ms]
    [16:16:00.039] “Failed to load:

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please get back to us with your website and FTP access details to [email protected]. We’ll do everything possible to help you.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please contact our support team at [email protected] Send them your website and FTP access details. They’ll do everything possible to help you.

    • Tom

      I have the exact problem… I activate the new cherry plugin the Visual Editor stops working throughout WordPress

      Did you fixed that issue ?

  5. Christopher Pinto

    SINCE 3.0.1 MY SLIDER ON THE homepage is not loading

  6. angel

    for portfolio when uploading new image ., i put the ext link for it…, on viewing the page when i click on image it takes me to the post instead of the ext link. …i need it to go to the external link how do i get that done

  7. Tom Dahl Jensen

    Thanks for a great framework.

    Is it possible for users to upload images? And to where?
    And can I make sub-categories? For example: shoes xx, and subcategory – male and female etc.
    It’s not a sales page, or store!
    But it could be really good to use as member page. Where users can upload image files. But where do they upload to?
    Since there are images in posts, categories, services, media and portfolio. And all uploaded files need to be renewed continuously and automatically deleted.
    And users must have their own pictures on their profile?

  8. Patrick F

    I’m using a gym theme which uses the [post_list] tag. I am trying to get it to show only certain categories. Is that possible? I’ve tried using category=’mycat’, but it ignores that.

  9. Giacomo Colle

    Dear Adriana,
    is there an on-line guide to all these new codes?
    e.g. I’m trying to understand what extra_wrap does with no success.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      We are planning to add CherryFramework API documentation in nearest future. Extra_wrap shortcode wraps selected elements into a div with custom class. It can be used for additional styling.

  10. natalie

    love the framework thank you!! Just wondering is there a way to get the advanced cycle widget to only show posts from a specific category? Thank you!

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Thank you Natalie. Advanced cycle can display only product types, you can specify categories in Cycle widget.

  11. Tami

    Hi Alexey,

    after updating the Cherry Plugin, I’ve got a double navigation on the top and en error:
    lessphp fatal error: parse error: failed at `#gradient > .vertical(@startColor: #dadada, @endColor: #c6c6c6); ` /hsphere/local/home/artistocrat/ on line 771

    What can I do now?
    Thanks for helping me…


  12. Howard Bashinski

    I do not have the icon for shortcodes when I edit posts. I re-installed the framework, plugins, and my theme, but no joy. IS there a fix?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      In WordPress admin panel go to Appearance – Themes. Activate default WordPres theme (not Cherry Framework based one)
      Go to Plugins and check if Cherry Plugin updates are available. If update notificatio navailable – update plugin, otherwise delete it and reinstall manually from
      Go back to Appearance – Themes and activate your Cherry Framework based theme.
      You’ll see available updates for Cherry Framework itself. You can update now.

  13. Steve

    I am used to non cherry framework themes and have had nothing but headaches with plugins that I have used successfully in the past with other sites.

    ie…WP Bakery Visual Editor — The basic WP Visual editor is not as WYSIWYG and more time consuming
    Font Changing — I really miss being able to use my customer font plugin…it just wont work with your framework.

    I know that you are not responsible for compatibility, but I just need a solution so that I do not need to start over with a non cherry theme


  14. visitor

    Hello,I’m wondering is /wp-content/plugins/cherry-plugin will be automaticly installed while installing CherryFramework as a theme ?
    Note:I’m talking about the latest versions of CherryFramework

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Yes, cherry-plugin will be installed automatically.

  15. jberg1

    Hello, I have a question about the Cherry Plugin.

    Is it possible to override a shortcode file with a dublicate file in my child theme? For example can I copy posts-list.php to my child theme/includes/shortcodes/ and make alterations? I tried and it didn’t seem to work, so maybe I need to do something in addition.? This seems to work for posts-grid.php.

    Is there another way to add custom shortcodes to the cherry plugin and set up the input box (pop-up) to be added to the WYSIWYG editor under the shortcode icon in TinyMCE?

    And finally, can I make a feature request to add the ability to select the post category (slug) and custom post category, and ability to remove Meta in the Post-List shortcode. Currently these features are only available in Post-Grid shortcode.

    Thanks for any help.

  16. How To Fix Cherry Framework Internal Server Error in Windows

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