Cherry GPL Plugins

CherryFreymvork Compatible with all popular WordPress plugins, but other than that, we have a proprietary plug-ins, which are optimized and designed specifically for the Cherry V

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Ver. 1.1.3
Cherry Sidebars
Cherry Sidebars allows to create and manage your own dynamic sidebars.
Downloads: 252356
Ver. 1.4.7
Cherry Services List
Cherry Services is a flexible WordPress plugin that lets you display your company‚Äôs services in a variety of ways. Integrated with Elementor page buil …
Downloads: 180904
Ver. 1.4.6
Cherry Team Members
Cherry Team Members plugin allows you to showcase your team and personnel. Integrated with Elementor…
Downloads: 175309
Ver. 1.2.15
Cherry Projects
Showcase your projects using a variety of layouts with Cherry Projects plugin.
Downloads: 181175
Ver. 1.1.4
Cherry Socialize
Manage your social networks in a fast and easy way!
Downloads: 94247
Ver. 1.1.8
Cherry PopUps
Cherry PopUps is a powerful and extremely useful plugin, which allows you to create customizable pop-up windows and manage them effectively.
Downloads: 77759
Ver. 1.1.6
Cherry Real Estate
Create real estate catalog, get announcements through fronted submission form!
Downloads: 10102