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If you have any question or problem, you will get fast reliable support completely free

Fully Open Source

Cherry Framework is licensed under GPLv3 and is available on GitHub. You are always welcome to suggest new features, point out at bugs, and participate in the overall development of Cherry.




During the developing of Cherry, security was one of our top priorities. We’ve made sure it corresponds with the latest security best practices, and provides you with a safe, bullet-proof environment.

Speeding Up the Development

There’s no use in building up the same functionality over and over again, instead of build it once, and reuse it when necessary. Cherry is all about making the most value of your time, so you don’t have to build anything from scratch.



Well Documented

The thorough documentation will guide you through the tricky parts of how Cherry works. You’ll find a detailed instructions on how to use it in your themes or plugins properly.

Build Themes, Build Plugins

The Cherry Framework is a great tool for not only themes, but plugins as well. The pre-built modules will help to quick start your plugin or theme easily.



Modular Structure

Cherry includes version control, so that you could use it simultaneously in multiple plugins or themes. This ensures that your framework is always up-to-date, and works smoothly after updates.


Using the version control, you can extend the core of the framework with your own modules. Experiment, and adjust Cherry to your needs.