About Us

Cherry Framework is a collaborative product of the WordPress team at TemplateMonster.

At the beginning the framework served us as a tool for speeding up the development process of our WordPress themes, but gradually it was starting to take shape into something bigger, something that can be used by many other WordPress developers to build complex projects faster.

Our history

After multiple iterations, versions, and complete rebuilds from the ground up, we are happy to present you the latest, 5th version of the Cherry Framework, which not only enables you to build awesome websites, but makes them in-line with the latest WordPress standards and guidelines.


In those days there were not so many wordpress frameworks, and we decided to start creating our own. Unique solutions have…


We made many upgrades. We have created the options page, and revised the work logic , and implement WooCommerce compatibility Team:…


We have created site cherryframework.com. We’ve  made separation of plugins and theme, functionality and customization.  Widgets are stand-alone solutions. We…


We have taken into account the experience and create Revolution update of our solution. With absolutely new technology approach. Created solutions…


We have redefined all our solutions, and have created a new conception of framework. Modular Structure. Our solution is vesatile…

Meet The Team

Maxim Maxus Tudoi
I’m fanatical about our product and I’m sure in is the best WP framework. Team and users are of the
Vitaliy Floyd Fedorov
We work for one and only result - quality. It can’t be different with our project. We deal with only
Andrew MjHead Shevchenko
Non-standard approaches and the most complicated cases - my mission is to create balance between functionality and convenience. Users will
Denis Behaart Makhonko
Only cutting edge technology should be used in development. I look in the future not in the past.
Dmytro Cheh Chekhovskyi
Dmytro Cheh Chekhovskyi
WordPress is a great product and  I make it even better. Thanks to Cherry you get a clean Zen code
Stepan Shin Kovalevich
Stepan Shin Kovalevich
Frontend is my passion. Every pixel and element will be done flawlessly in accordance with the latest web development standards