Developer Offers

Do you need some extra services to boost your website? We can do it for you, whether it is an appearance enhancement, tuning up on the back-end or optimization solutions! Our skilled team will gladly fulfill all of your requirements, taking into account all your special wishes and creative ideas!

What we can do for you?

Full stack Development from Scratch

Not all, but many people using WordPress, occasionally need to create a wholly new website, that will suit their purposes and be exactly what they need. If this is your story, we are glad to offer you our development services. Our team has profound experience in the development of websites from scratch, adjusting them to the requirements of our clients. Upon your request we’ll develop the most suitable and convenient solution for you, using innovative approaches together with the practices, that have proven themselves successfully in the years of work. You can be sure that your website will be original and unique, and it will have all the functional that is required by you!

Site Optimization

Need your website to become more customer-centric, boost its statistics? Want to grow in the number of visitors, and become highly ranked by search engines? This is where we can help you! Our specialists offer the most popular services in website’s promotion, such as content optimization, structure upgrading, boosting up performance, dealing with cache and database. The results will be astonishing, and you will be pleased by how a website will gain in popularity and become more attractive for visitors!

PSD to WordPress

Do you have a website’s design in the .psd format? Please, feel free to contact us if you need to create a website on the basis of an existing design! And be sure, that a website will meet all of your requirements and look exactly like on the picture! We can review the design, if there is a need, work on the images and content, which can be built using Power Builder, Elementor or Visual Composer. We’ll turn a .psd image into a full-fledged responsive website, that will be exactly what you want it to be!

Custom WordPress Development

If you need to extend functionality of your website, and you want to ensure that everything will work properly, you can purchase our services! We offer all kinds of coding improvement, such as code reviewing, adding lines of code to provide the exact result you’re looking for, and all the work will be done by professionals with the vast experience in the website development field, and deep knowledge of the complex needs a website owner might have! Whether it is a customization issue, a need to extend functionality, or produce a ready-made solution, we’re ready to help you!

Our Vision

Our job is to fulfill your requests, as well as to develop unique solutions that will help you achieve the desired goals. We see the website as a perfectly flexible, complex task that needs to be solved according to your vision. That’s why we provide services in the area of development, optimization and code writing. We understand what you need, and we give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Price list

From codes to improving traffic, creating content, developing websites, our experts are always ready to help you implement your cutting-edge ideas!

Full stack Development from Scratch
  • Carrying out your most complicated ideas based on WordPress
  • Creating original websites from scratch
  • Widely using innovations
  • Always ready to introduce new approaches
  • Updating our websites and optimize them
$29 p/h
Site Optimization
  • Reviewing your website’s semantics
  • Optimizing and compressing all connected assets
  • Increasing speed for Google Page Insights, GT Metrix
  • Configuring website’s cache
  • Tuning up database queries, upgrading website's structure
$39 p/h
PSD to WordPress
  • Reviewing PSD design
  • Creating diverse content with Power Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor, upon your request
  • Modifying images
  • Improving website’s responsiveness
  • Applying needed changes to match stunning design and great functionality
$39 p/h
Custom WordPress Development
  • Introducing changes into PHP, JS and CSS script
  • Reviewing your existing code
  • Adding all the necessary
  • Developing ready-to-use solutions
  • Ensuring that everything will work smoothly!
$59 p/h