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    Hi all,

    A question from a WP newbie, thanks in advance if somebody can point me to the right direction.

    I’m using Cherry framework, and trying to change the structure of the whole content area. Cherry provides options for content with 1/2/none sidebars, but what I need to do is:

    Sidebar 1 | Content 1 (these two have the same background and the same height)
    Sidebar 2 | Content 2 (these two follow below)

    On mobile view they need to render as:

    Content 1
    (Sidebar 1)
    Content 2
    Sidebar 2

    There might be a few ways to do this, but it seems logical to create two extra templates, one for extra sidebar and one for extra content and then tell the base.php to go and fetch these.

    <?php cherry_get_header(); ?>

    <div <?php cherry_attr( ‘content’ ); ?>>
    <div class=”<?php echo apply_filters( ‘cherry_get_container_class’, ‘container’ ); ?>”>

    <?php cherry_get_content(); ?>

    <?php cherry_get_sidebar( apply_filters( ‘cherry_get_main_sidebar’, ‘sidebar-main’ ) ); ?>
    <?php cherry_get_sidebar( apply_filters( ‘cherry_get_secondary_sidebar’, ‘sidebar-secondary’ ) ); ?>


    <?php cherry_get_footer(); ?>
    Can that be done? How would I create the additional templates for the content and sidebar?

    Sorry about the rather open question, I’m new to php (and wordpress structure) and looking for pointers as there is so much information to scrawl through.

    Thanks a lot.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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