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How to add tags on WordPress?

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    How to add tags on WordPress?



    How to Add Tags in WordPress
    From your admin dashboard, go to Posts -> Add New.
    On the right side of your visual editor, find the tags box.
    Type in the tags you want to add. Each different tag must be separated by a comma.



    Let’s take a look at the WordPress tags example. Suppose you run a culinary blog, and you want to add a recipe for shrimp pasta. How to create the right tag structure in this case? Your specific tags may be based on the words: pasta, shrimp, gluten free recipes, homemade food and dinner.

    Tag names should be carefully considered so that the same tags can be applied to multiple posts. All the posts about dinners can be found on the dinner tag page, so the tag helps the user find exactly what they are searching for (e.g. gluten free recipes). And I have one question, do you know difference between categories vs tags

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    I created this website with WordPress and I think the use of WordPress is totally easiest and amazing way to create site’s…



    Follow this steps to add tags on WordPress : To add tags to a new post, go to your blog’s admin area > Posts > Add New. When you write your new post, add a tag to it by typing the tag word in the Tags field on the right and click on Add. You can add as many tags as you want. myccpay

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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