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Cherry Framework Update. Version 3.1.1

New CherryFramework update available. We followed recommendations of framework users and added fixes and updates.

List of changes can be seen below:

Plugin Updates

  • Fix: import errors
  • Add: blocking files on upload
  • Fix: sorting errors
  • Add: widgets rewrite
  • Add: widgets custom classes
  • Fix: shortcode Elastislide
  • Add: styleswitcher
  • Add: plugin-under-construction-content rewrite in child theme
  • Add: plugin updater
  • Add: intagram widget
  • Upd: social widget
  • Fix: fixes in social network widget
  • Add: banner widget
  • Upd: improvements in wpml-compatibility

Framework Updates

  • Fix: layout style
  • Fix: changed links format
  • Fix: robot.txt generate login
  • Fix: sitemap
  • Fix: slider posts sorting
  • Fix: style switcher
  • Add: add migrate.js
  • Upd: language files
  • Fix: pagination output* Upd: tags filter


GirHub repository:

27 Responses

  1. Jani

    Great work!

  2. Jorge Flores

    Is it safe to upgrade? Do I need cherry pluggin? I’m always afraid of upgrading because everytime I do it there’s an issue with Cherry pluggin leaving my site blocked or non-functional

    • John M

      yeah, me too. The 3.1.0 completely broke my system. I have to hack it up to get it to work. And it wasn’t a theme issue. The plugin was including files that didn’t exist. Horrible QA from TM.

      • Alexey Svistunov

        Sorry for the caused inconveniences. I hope version 3.1.1 will work fine for you

    • Dennis

      When accessing appearance/customize, I get the following error:
      Warning: require_once(/home1/igeekden/public_html/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home1/igeekden/public_html/ on line 1243

      Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home1/igeekden/public_html/’ (include_path=’/home1/igeekden/public_html/’) in /home1/igeekden/public_html/ on line 1243

      It looks like the latout-picker that was removed in version 3.1.1 is still being referenced in framework_options.php on line 1243.

      • Dennis

        I submitted this bug to Github and it was fixed the very same day! Nice work guys!

      • Jorge Flores

        Dennis I’m having the same issue.. When accessing appearance/customize, I get the same error. How did you get the solution?


  3. art

    а почему пишет что плагин не совместим с этой версией?

  4. John M

    Where are the shortcode definitions? I hate the menu. Why not include a shortcode definition help, too?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      We are planning to add CherryFramework API documentation in nearest future. All info will be there.

  5. Blah!

    Can I please just get one release from you guys that actually works?!

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘widget_id’ in /path-to-wordpress/wp-content/plugins/cherry-plugin/includes/widgets/widgets-manager.php on line 359

  6. Joel

    I am working with slideshow posts on a theme from TemplateMonster built on Cherry Framework. Is there an easier way to add or edit pictures in a slideshow than to delete the post, add it again, then upload the new files under featured image? The only instructions of how to use a slideshow format said “To attach images to the post please use Upload Images button.”

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Slider is created as a separate taxonomy and each slide is a separate post. So working with slider is same as working with regular posts.

  7. Vinicius


    First of all, congratulations by the great framework, it’s a realy good tool for the wordpress!

    I’m using the Version 3.1.1 and i’m having some trouble with the post grid. I want to show a post grid of only the posts on a especific category, i see that the shortcode have support for this, because this have a input which say “Which category to pull from?”

    But simply doesn’t work, then keep pulling the posts of all categories, even after I put the category slug on the shortcode.

    Can you help me?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Please contact our support team at [email protected]. They’ll check your website and provide further assistance.

  8. John M

    CF is incomplete. If I use the recent_posts shortcode, I should be able to skip those in posts_grid. For instance, I list two articles from any category in recent_posts, so I don’t want those posts showing up in the posts_grid list which immediately follows.

  9. Shahzad Nawab

    How to change Bootstrap 2.0 to 3.0 ?

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Cherry Framework 3.x is based on Bootstrap 2. Update to Bootstrap 3 is planned in Cherry Framework 4

  10. Jen

    This site needs to go live ASAP (has not been published yet). I notice WordPress just updated itself to 3.8.2. I’d been putting off updating to Cherry 3.1.1 and now wonder if I should just wait until the next update. (Now that WordPress has changed, I assume there may be another update soon?) Or, do you I need to do every update to be safe?

    Thanks for any guidance you can give. This is my first WordPress site and first time using the Cherry framework as well. The site looks good and I don’t want to mess it up.

  11. Joh M

    Here is some feedback that I hope you use to improve your CF.

    The audio player doesn’t work on Firefox mobile. I thought that CF was supposed to compatible? Even though Firefox Mobile doesn’t support flash, it does support HTML5, but CF tries to render a flash media player. Everything works in Opera Mobile.

    The audio play controls on a mobile device are hard to use, and the ability to select an area in the timeline is impossible. You need to add a time drag control to drag the player marker anywhere along the timeline. And the time that the marker is on should show.

    The recent post, posts lists/grid need an tag attribute to “skip” a given number of posts. For instance, if I want to show all posts on the main page, but I also use a slider and “featured” section for articles, so I don’t want those showing up in the lists/grids.

    • Alexey Svistunov

      Thank you for your recommendations, we’ll add these updated to next release

  12. Marcio

    I use the theme 2111 and after updating the cherry framework to version 3.1.1, the home page icons were replaced by an icon called alert.png and I can’t change them. In my home this configured this way [icon image = "icon-1" align = "center"]

  13. Alex

    This update caused my site to crash! When I go to my site it will either show up as a blank screen or produce this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_cherry_name() (previously declared in /home/soccer22/public_html/ in /home/soccer22/public_html/ on line 21
    Please let me know where and how I can get support.

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